Casa Intiwawa

Construction of a support-centre in the village of San Isidro, to teach, cook, eat, and build a future together.



A long standing aim of Intiwawa has been to construct a permanent home in San Isidro, a place where we can teach the local children, provide them with healthy food, and hopefully put them on the path to a brighter future.


That dream has finally been realized in 2012 with the construction of La Casa Intiwawa, our wonderful new home in San Isidro financed by the generosity of our sponsors. The building contains several classrooms as well as a kitchen and a library, and it´s location in San Isidro ensures that the local children will no longer have to travel long distances to get to school.


The children now have a place to learn, to play, and to spend time with the volunteers in a social and protected environment, away from the intense sun and the dusty air of the altiplano. In addition to this, La Casa Intiwawa can be used to host workshops for local parents on a variety of issues, from knitting to basic hygiene.

Casa Intiwawa











construction of a permanent home in San Isidro, where we can teach local children and provide healthy food


to fight and reduce poverty in San Isidro



temporary project

volunteers, furniture, and educational material

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