Computer Lessons

Our goal is to introduce children of two schools to the work with computers.



Since 2015 Intiwawa owns a very own computer room financed by one our volunteers. The goal is to equip the kids with a general skill set for educational or work related tasks on computers.


The lessons take place every Saturday within the framework of the project "Casa Cultural". The educational content is dependent on the age if the children and their experiences with computers. For the younger pupils we utilize playful exercises and fun tasks to give them an understanding of technology. Due to not having computers at their own home, it is our task to teach the kids in San Isidro what computers are used for.


The next step for older kids is then to introduce relevant software such as Internet Explorer, Word or Excel. Along with this comes the teaching typing skills. For the entertaining part after classes, we installed some educational games on the computers as well.


Computer skills are very important for any career in Peru, just as everywhere else. Our aim is therefore to constantly adapt the timetables and class content to prepare the kids, step by step, for the higher education or work experiences.

Computer Lessons











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