Children's Congress

Joint trip for all the children of the various project villages.


Intiwawa’s annual Children's Congress is the culmination of the cross-cultural exchanges in which the children of all three of our project communities meet and spend a weekend together. The programme includes traditional dances, a talent show, the exhibition of children's artwork, and much more.


The conference serves as an exchange platform for the kids. We encourage the children to learn from each other about the similarities and differences in their own cultural identity. There are performances of dances typical of the individual villages, Coporaque, Salinas and San Isidro. The talent show, which allows the kids to demonstrate their skills for an audience, is always a highlight.


The Children's Congress is usually staged on a weekend in November. In the past they have met in Salinas or Camaná, a town on the Pacific Coast. We plan to hold the meetings in different places around Peru every year to give the children the opportunity to know more about their country


The challenge for the volunteers is planning and implementing the congress. We need several teams to start preparing months in advance to locate a host venue, organise the food, plan the programme of events, and so on. The volunteers have the opportunity to apply their own personal creativity, skills and knowledge to the event.

Children's Congress











Joint trip for all the children of the various project villages


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