Dental Check

Regular dental checkup for children in San Isidro and education about dental hygiene.



The teeth of the children and parents in San Isidro are often in very poor condition due to their poor diet and lack of education about dental hygiene. In recent years Intiwawa launched a number of large dental hygiene campaigns and week-long dental treatment events to get the problem under control.


In the past three years, some campaigns have been launched and successfully carried out to improve the condition of the public's dental health in San Isidro and Coporaque. This was only realized due to the help of dedicated medical and dental students and numerous dentists from Arequipa.


Over several weeks and one-day "Campañas Dental" all residents of San Isidro's and Coporaque were offered free dental treatments. The last great


 "Campaña Dental" was conducted in cooperation with several local NGOs, such as the "Odontologos Sin Fronteras" in August 2011 and was a huge success treating more than 250 people in San Isidro.

Dental Check











Regular dental checkup and educating children and parents from San Isidro


Sustainable Improvement of the public's dental health and hygienes


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Since 2012 we are also working in partnership with the "Catholic University of Santa Maria" to provide dental check-ups  for the community of San Isidro. In the beginning of the year every child gets a comprehensive check up and is categorized in state and urgency. During the year we utilize this list to check 2-4 kids every week at the Univserity.  The continuous project takes place every Saturday parallel to "Casa Cultural" and is under supervision of coordinators and dentists. Furthermore every child has received its own toothbrush that is used regularly after every meal.


Apart from the project we emphazie the importance of dental hygiene and give information sessions for parents.