English Classes


 Structured English classes conducted by Intiwawa Volunteers



In this project we teach our children of the world’s most important language, English. In this way children can improve their future employment prospects, since English plays an increasingly important role in Arequipa’s growing tourist industry.


Intiwawa offers lessons every Saturday between 9-12 pm within the framework of "Casa Cultural". These lessons are conducted by our volunteers who determine and decide the teaching content. We have spent years since the implementation of our English lessons by experimenting with various methods of teaching, until we came up with a structured course. Now there is a solid plan from which the volunteers can teach


In addition, English workshops are held by volunteers in the Andean towns of Salinas and Coporaque every Sunday.


 Through these classes we aim to teach our students a higher level of English than they receive at school from professional teachers. We have already implemented a structured syllabus, and with the support of our enthusiastic, experienced volunteers we can improve the project evermore.

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English lessons to grow skill for future employment prospects


Structured learning, prevention of child labour,

combat of malnutrition


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