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General improvement of the health situation of children and parents through doctoral checkups, dental treatment and hygiene education



The objective of Intiwawa's health project is to improve the health of the residents of San Isidro and teach the public a holistic approach on how to prevent illness.


This especially includes the prevention of frequently occurring diseases such as asthma, prevent parasitic contamination and improve dental hygiene. In order to realize our goal we  work in close collaboration with local universities and help to educate the general public in the field of hygiene.


The health project, as opposed to the homework help project is not constantly ongoing. It rather thrives on the dedication of volunteers who want to gain experience in the medical field and engage in San Isidro.


The first medical examinations took place in early 2009 in San Isidro. The children were checked for parasites with the help of faculty and students of the Medical Faculty of the "Universidad Católica" .  Parasites thrive and spread through the polluted water within the village. These checks and subsequent treatments were repeated irregularly throughout the following years. It was therefore the more important to teach the residents of San Isidro that the water flowing in the village may only be consumed when boiled beforehand.

Health Check











Regular health checkups and education of children and parents in San Isidro


Sustainable Improvement of the public's health and hygiene


Temporary project

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