Knitting and crochet workshops for women


The purpose of this project is to teach the women of San Isidro a new skill. This gives them more potential in the future to earn money this way.


During the workshops they learn how to knit and do crochet. The women make scarves, hats, ponchos, sweaters, baby clothes and more. The goal is to deliver nice products that can be sold, in Peru, Europe and the rest of the world.


Recently we started working with Alpaca wool. It is of better quality. The demand for alpaca is greater and people are willing to pay more for it.


Once a year there is a local exhibition of the handmade clothes and accessories. This exhibition is in the center of Arequipa on the anniversary of Intiwawa.


12 women of San Isidro gather once a week. Susana Ramos Guillen is responsible for the project. Susana has a real talent for crochet and knitting. The women that participate in the workshops also can help out each other. Intiwawa buys the wool for the project. The end product has to be perfect, so it can be sold.












Offer knitting and crochet workshops for the women in San Isidro


Setting Up a self-sustaining small enterprise, through which the women generate alternative income


Ongoing Project

Material, sales channels, contact

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Laurent Courbon, a French volunteer, came to visit and stay a few months, to investigate the possibilities of selling and marketing the finished products. Intiwawa hopes this can become a profitable project in the future, that helps out the families of San Isidro.

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