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From a simple idea to a community of that spans the globe.



Intiwawa was founded in April 2007 by Leonel Revilla Cruz, Juan Quispe Medina, and Henning Lueke.


After his graduation from high school, Henning spent a year traveling across South America and became aware of the tremendous poverty and social problems found across the continent. He learned Spanish in Argentina, where he first volunteered as an English teacher, before his journey brought him to Arequipa. Here, Henning met two enthusiastic psychologists, Leonel and Juan, who also had been profoundly affected by the poverty they had witnessed. The pair’s dream had always been to start a project to combat domestic violence and alcoholism in the local area. The three men agreed something had to be done.


It quickly became clear to the trio that to really change something, a single project would not be enough and they decided to start a completely new and independent organization. Intiwawa was born. After just three months of planning, the burgeoning organization was presented to the public via the Intiwawa website, and officially registered with the Peruvian government under the name   'Asociación Intiwawa' (Now: “Intiwawa en Accion”).


On his return to Germany, Henning continued to spread word of the poverty he had witnessed in Arequipa. Before long, the already 10 strong Peruvian team was bolstered by new recruits from Germany and around the world.

April 2007


August 2007

Team Germany

November 2007

Team Holland

July 2008

Goldman Sachs Global Leadership Award for Social Enterprises

February 2010

Kalpaca Project

December 2012

Casa Intiwawa

In the years since, Intiwawa has continued to expand, increasing its local and international profile by word of mouth and over the internet. By 2010, the number of active members in the teams grew to 35, with more than 70 volunteers from all around the world. Today, Intiwawa has over 200 members from 28 countries.


In its short history, Intiwawa's efforts in Arequipa have already been internationally recognized:

The Goldman Sachs Foundation and the Institute of International Education bestowed Intiwawa with the 'Global Leadership Award for Social Enterprises' in 2008 for its medical initiatives.


After a lot of of planning we finally built the Casa Intiwawa in 2012. The Casa is a support center in San Isidro, where we house all of our projects now.