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Around 30 million people live in Peru and about 50 % live below the poverty line.


Peru has government and privately funded educational establishments. Unfortunately, the difference in the quality of education between these establishments is very high. This system is only beneficial for students from rich families who can afford to send their children to better schools. Children that grow up in poor families barely have any chance in acquiring a good education.


Additionally, many children have to interrupt or even finish their school education early because they are required to financially assist their parents in order to make a living for the family.  Due to the unfortunate climate and problematic soil conditions pursuing an agricultural career is not an option.


Therefore, almost all adults in the region of Arequipa work as brick manufacturers. Furthermore, many suffer from malnutrition and the lack of unsanitary drinking water. Many of the main water sources lie right above the surface.  The high solar radiation then induces bacteria and viruses to thrive causing water contamination.


All of these components are strengthened by the inadequate healthcare provided by the government.


Our Aims

The main goal of our non-profit organisation is to fight poverty in the slums of Arequipa, Peru.


In Germany we conduct promotions and public relations in order to raise awareness about the problems, needs, and the overall poor living standards in many villages in Peru. This is fulfilled through the fundraising that takes place in Germany, which also finances the many projects in Arequipa.


We aim to focus on encouraging Parents and their children to better their living standards in all aspects of life. With this support we are currently working on creating a nutritional program in addition to providing health and sexual education for the children.


Another goal of ours is to fight widely spread domestic violence and child labour. Additionally, we provide various learning materials, toys, clothes, medical care and nutritional food for the children.



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IntiWawa e.V. aims to achieve certain principles. The main focus of our goal is targeting and fighting the main symptoms of poverty.


This is also accomplished by:

Cultural exchange with other villages in the region

Homework help

Providing a balanced diet and child care in our kindergarden

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