the teams

Intiwawa is solely led by volunteers from all over the world!



Leonel Revilla  Cruz



Leonel founded Intiwawa together with Henning Lüke back in 2007. He studied Psychology at University Rennes II and lived in France until he came back to help his affair of the heart: San Isidros children and the community of Intiwawa.

José Diaz



José has spend many years with Intiwawa and is the current vice-president of the Peruvian team. Furthermore he is responsible for the Casa Intiwawa.

Susana Ramos Guillen



Susana has been with Intiwawa since the very beginning.  She helps with the coordination of finances and projects.

Rafael David Nuñez Tecse

coordinator of institutional management


Rafael is with Intiwawa since the year 2008. Currently he is in charge of supervising the projects as well as the coordination and acquisition of peruvian volunteers.

Carla Tomasio

Coordinator of local volunteers


Mildred Hauck

general manager, communication

Intiwawa is glad to welcome the new General Manager Mildred Hauck for the year 2018. She came in January (until January 2019) and is really motivated to support Intiwawa. 

Luis Sotomayor Zambrano