Vacation Project

Reinforcement classes, art, sports and fun activities during the vacation.


Due to working all days of the week, during the vacations many parents have to leave their children home alone. Moreover many kids lag behind in school and are dependent on additional help from our side. In order to encounter these problems Intiwawa offers a vacational programme for the children in San Isidro and Coporaque. By conducting different activities and educational games we try to raise the educational level and eliminate shortcomings. In addition, we create various recreational activities to give variety.


Every  vacational week from 9 am to 12.30 pm we organize activities and classes. Some basic classes are mathematics, language, and communication. In this way the kids get the reinforcement they need. Apart from regular classes we offer extra art classes, sports, and other subjects and activities. This helps them to stimulate creativity and to improve their  physical health.

The volunteers are able to teach their skills and interests, which brings a nice change of every day school.

At the end of every day we provide healthy lunches and assure that the children brush their teeth

Vacation Project











In-depth and supplementary lessons and arts, games, sports, fun activities during the holidays


Minimization of learning deficits, prevention of child labour


Temporary Project (once a year)

Volunteers, material, food

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 After all we hope to raise the educational level of the children and give them assistance in every aspect of life. That is why we create a safe, educational and fun place for our kids in Arequipa.

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