Volunteering with us is completely free.


You choose your project(s) upon arrival in Peru.


You don't pay us. We don't pay you.


Volunteering with Intiwawa is a unique experience! Our volunteers are based in the beautiful city of Arequipa, and work in the impoverished district of San Isidro on the outskirts of the city.

Our Volunteers take care of our children, participate in ongoing projects and get active in the temporary projects. They also have the possibility to create ideas and implement them in our organization as well.

the facts.

Volunteering with Intiwawa is absolutely free. You won't be paid for your work, but you won't be subjected to the huge fees many organizations charge either.


As a developing country, living costs in Peru are significantly lower than in the West. Most volunteers with Intiwawa can comfortably survive on $300- 400 per month. Of course, depending on your choice of lifestyle you may need significantly more or less than this.


We’re extremely grateful for all the time and effort our volunteers are willing to give us. After all, without volunteers there would be no Intiwawa. Therefore, we strive to make things as simple as possible for our team. There are no application deadlines to join Intiwawa. No one is ever tied down to a position they do not enjoy- volunteers are free to change their role with Intiwawa as they see fit.


Nevertheless, we appreciate if applicants commit to work with Intiwawa for at least three months. Naturally, the children need a certain amount of time to adjust to new people, and a constant turnover of volunteers can be unsettling for them. The longer you stay, the stronger your relationship with the kids will be, and the more fulfilling the experience will be for you.


It is not compulsory for our volunteers to speak Spanish fluently. However, a basic understanding of the language is preferred, as a decent standard of communication with the people of San Isidro will help us cater to the children’s needs, as well as improving the experience for the volunteers themselves. If your Spanish is very good, we may make exceptions and reduce the minimum stay to less then three months.

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