Information for Volunteers

Volunteering with us is a unique experience!


You would be based in the beautiful city of Arequipa, and would work in the impoverished district of San Isidro on the outskirts of the city.

You would take care of our children, participate in ongoing projects and get active in the temporary projects. We also have the possibility for you to come up with your own ideas and projects and implement them in our organization.


We are extremely grateful for all the time and effort our volunteers are willing to give us. After all, without volunteers there would be no Intiwawa. Therefore, we strive to make things as simple as possible for our team. There are no application deadlines to join Intiwawa. No one is ever tied down to a position they do not enjoy- volunteers are free to change their role with Intiwawa as they see fit.




Do I have to pay?

No. Volunteering with us is absolutely free. Unfortunately, we cannot bear the costs for flights or living or pay you for your work, but we do not charge as huge fees as many other organisations do - because we see it as a privilege to support you in your plans of volunteering. However, we, as a charitable organisation, still rely on people’s awareness and their donations. Therefore, we ask every volunteer to plan and perform a fundraising project before, during or after your stay. Be it a party with friends, a crafting or marathon project - there is neither a limit to your fantasy nor a minimum sum of the donations. We are happy to support you in your ideas - contact us for more information!


Do I need a Visa?

Europeans: Europeans can stay in the country for up to 90 days with a tourist visa, which they receive upon arrival.

Non-European citizens: You should find out about country specific regulations regarding your own country before booking a flight. Further information will be given to you after the application as a volunteer for our projects.


What is the minimum age for me to participate?

The minimum age is 18.


What would my monthly living costs be?

As a developing country, living costs in Peru are significantly lower than in Europe and North America. Most volunteers with Intiwawa can comfortably survive on $300- 400 per month. Of course depending, on your choice of lifestyle you may need significantly more or less than this.


What is the minimum length of stay?

The minimum length of stay for you would be three months. Naturally, the children need a certain amount of time to adjust to new people, and a constant turnover of volunteers can be unsettling for them. The longer you stay, the stronger your relationship with the kids will be, and the more fulfilling the experience will be for you.


Where would I stay?

There are two different possibilities for you two find a place to live. The first is to stay in a hostel in the region. Secondly, you could stay in our rented house. It has two apartments that offer six beds each. These apartments each have a bathroom, a kitchen and anything else that you will need to live.


Do I need to be able to speak spanish?

We ask that our volunteers are able to speak good conversational spanish. At least at a B1 level, preferably B2. This level of spanish is preferred  as a decent standard of communication with the locals will help us cater to the children’s needs. Additionally, it will improve the individual volunteer experience and will enable you to become a full member of our community.


Do I get to choose what projects I get to work in?

Intiwawa runs various projects within Arequipa focusing on Education, Social Projects, Facilities, Health and Nutrition, and more. We give our volunteers the opportunity to choose the projects that they would like to focus on during their stay. We also like to encourage them to participate in multiple projects. We offer as much flexibility as possible to allow volunteers to add their own input and decide which projects they want to join.


What sort of duties can I expect?

Some of the duties you might be exposed to include:

  • coordination work
  • teaching English
  • helping with homework
  • helping in the kindergarten
  • providing medical services
  • organizing fundraising activities
  • and helping out with any new projects or campaigns


How old are most of the volunteers?

The ages of our volunteers can vary, the youngest ones are 18 and the eldest around 80. However, the essential part is between 20 and 20 years old. Nevertheless, the age is not was is necessarily important. Everyone is welcome in our Intiwawa community and we will do our best to make you feel comfortable.