Water Supply

Due to the dryness of the area around Arequipa, water supply has become a very serious issue in San Isidro.



For most of the year during the long dry season, Arequipa barely receives a drop of rain. Due to this extreme aridity the city┬┤s water supply is poor, especially in the most deprived areas of the city like San Isidro. This shortage of healthy water creates an unsanitary living environment, which in turn leads to health problems for many of the local people.


Many inhabitants of San Isidro suffer from illnesses caused by their consumption of water from the local supply, which is of an exceptionally low quality. Locals are compelled by their economic status to use water which comes from cisterns that are filled irregularly, or from wells that are located too close to the surface. As this water lies in hot conditions for long periods of time, it tends to become stagnant and thus contaminated with all manner of dangerous bacteria and germs. The water borne diseases can in turn cause or exacerbate malnourishment.

Water Supply











Installation of clean water supply facilities and sanitation


To prevent illnesses caused by unhygienic conditions and poor quality water


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