Who we are

Intiwawa is a dynamic NGO with the goal of fighting poverty in the slums of Arequipa, the second largest city in Peru. Founded as a German-Peruvian collaboration in 2007, we now consist of an international team of volunteers. Our goal is the integral development of the children and their parents in our communities and a sustainable improvement of their living standards. Read more about the living circumstances in San Isidro and Coporaque and why we exist!


Our Principles

  1. 100% Rule: All donations go straight into the projects in Peru. Administrative costs are covered by sponsors.
  2. 99% Volunteers: Except for our General Directos, our team only consist of volunteers. We are not paid for our work but follow our conviction!
  3. No costs: Volunteering with us is free!
  4. Flexibility: We never refuse help – we offer as much flexibility as possible to allow volunteers to bring in their own ideas to the organization.
  5.  Creativity and responsibility: At Intiwawa anyone can assume responsibilities and show initiative!

Today... Intiwawa is a registered Peruvian organization with a professional committee in charge of its administration that counts about 60 volunteers and members from all over the world who influence the lives of around 80 children and their families.