Who we are

Intiwawa is a dynamic NGO with the goal of fighting poverty in the slums of Arequipa, the second largest city in Peru. Founded as a German-Peruvian collaboration in 2007, we now consist of an international team of volunteers. Our goal is the integral development of the children and their parents in our communities and a sustainable improvement of their living standards. Read more about the living circumstances in San Isidro and Coporaque and why we exist!


Our vision

Provide tools to the children of today to achieve an autonomous community of tomorrow.”

Our mission

“Contribute to the integral development of the children through educational support, health promotion and strengthening socio-cultural values.”

Our principles

  • 100% Rule: All donations go straight into the projects in Peru. Administrative costs are covered by sponsors.
  • 100% Volunteers: Except for our General Director, our team only consist of volunteers. We are not paid for our work but follow our conviction!
  • No costs: Volunteering with us is free!
  • Flexibility: We never refuse help – we offer as much flexibility as possible to allow volunteers to bring in their own ideas to the organization.
  • Creativity: At Intiwawa anyone can show initiative and teach new skills to children and parents.
  • Responsibility:  As an organization of low hierarchies, we welcome people with talents wanting to assume high responsibilities.

Our story

Intiwawa started as a simple project of two young Peruvian psychologists, Leonel and Juan, who were shocked about the poverty and the social problems they encountered in the village of San Isidro outside of Arequipa. It quickly became clear that a single project would not be enough to make a real difference. More information about a queen of the nile pokies

Together with their German friend Henning, they founded an organization in April 2007: Intiwawa –  – translated from Peru's indigenous language Quechua children of the sun. Since then, the organization has continued to grow.


Today... Intiwawa is a registered Peruvian organization with a professional committee in charge of its administration that counts about 60 volunteers and members from all over the world who influence the lives of around 80 children and their families.

For further growth...

We need your support! At Intiwawa we value quality over quantity. To be able to work with more professional staff, such as teachers, and finance the administrative costs of our constantly growing organization, we depend on donations.