What support do I receive?
You will receive before arrival support from our Volunteer Coordinator in Germany. Upon arrival, you will be picked up from the airport by our Volunteer Coordinator in Peru who will give you an introduction and accompany you to the project.

Do I have to pay?
There is no program fee, unlike many volunteering abroad organisations. The only costs are for living and travelling. However, we provide low-cost housing and life in general in Peru is much cheaper than in Europe or the USA.

Is there a duration of stay requirement?
Yes. We ask that international volunteers spend a minimum of 3 months with Intiwawa. We feel this is a good amount of time to integrate into our organisation and help in our efforts fully.

Where do I stay?
If you choose to stay in our recommended low-cost housing, you will be based at Intihouse – a volunteer house in the heart of Arequipa – only a few minutes walk from the central square.

How can I help?
At Intiwawa we welcome help in many different areas. You can be a volunteer who helps us with the day-to-day functioning of our projects such as homework support. Alternatively, if you want a role with more responsibility you can intern with us and support through Marketing, Administration or Events and Fundraising.

Where is the project?
Our main project is housed in San Isidro – roughly an hour’s bus ride out of the city. The journey costs 3 soles in total. Our other project is located in the traditional village of Coporaque near the Colca Canyon – an around 3-hour journey each way.

How many hours will I work?
The standard volunteer will be required to work 5 afternoons a week (1 pm – 7 pm) as well as our weekly volunteer meeting on a Monday. For those who have positions of greater responsibility or are involved in other projects their timetables are more flexible and dependant on workload.

Will I have free time to travel?
Many volunteers have organised weekend trips to fantastic destinations such as Lauca National Park in Chile, the desert oasis of Huacachina and the Lake Titicaca. Most destinations require a long overnight coach journey but it is definitely manageable in a weekend. Often volunteers allocate time before or after their stay with Intiwawa to travel for a longer amount of time. Also, during the Intiwawa vacations from mid-December to mid-January, two weeks in February and two weeks in August, our volunteers spend their freetime exploring Peru.

What is the climate like?
Arequipa has beautiful sunshine all year round. During the day you can wear just a T-shirt and shorts. However, when the sun goes down the temperature drops significantly so warmer clothes (jeans, jackets and jumpers) are definitely a must.

Can I bring anything for the children?
Games and stationary are always appreciated as donations. However, always check with your volunteer coordinator to find out our current needs.

Do I need to speak Spanish?
We recommend that volunteers have at least conversational level of Spanish (A2 or B1). At Intiwawa our working language is Spanish so the better your language skills the more you will profit from your experience. You also have the opportunity to take extra language classes whilst in Arequipa.

Do I need a visa?
With a tourist visa, you can stay 3-6 months. When you stay for longer than 6 months the volunteer coordinator will assist you with your options.


How much of my donation goes to the projects?
100% of all donations go to our projects. This is enabled by separate sponsorships that cover administrative and managerial costs.

Am I able to designate my donation to specific projects?
Yes. On our donations sheet you can select if you wish to make a general donation, a donation towards administration, or directly select one of our projects.

What benefits do I receive as an organization for sponsoring Intiwawa?
You will receive an official donation certificate which is tax-deductible. Furthermore, your logo will be placed in the “Friends of Intiwawa” section on our website. According to the needs of your organization we can also define further benefits, like a promotion of your organization on our social media platforms or you can promote your social support to our organization with our logo and pictures on your website!