Homework Support Project

The central objectives of the Homework support project are:

  1. To reinforce the children’s autonomy and self-esteem.

  2. To develop the children’s interpersonal skills by enhancing emotional intelligence and working on life skills.

  3. To reinforce academic skills, fostering a sense of possibility, teamwork and perseverance. 

  4. To give the children a sense of community through cultural revalorization.

Since 2020, we have continued to carry out this project remotely, identifying the areas in which our students need reinforcement. Our volunteers & teacher call each student twice a week to explain, model and reinforce what they are learning remotely at school.


While this is a necessary part of any after-school tutoring program, we feel that our students would benefit from having access to other learning methods that promote group work as well as autonomy, empathy building, communication and leadership skills, where the student is the active protagonist of his or her education.

With this in mind, we have started to integrate Reggio Emilia, Montessori and Project Based Learning (PBL) methodologies to improve the educational support we give to our students. With these alternative education methodologies, we want to bring innovation to our education program by making sure our students' centers of interest, skills, ideas and feelings are valued, to create innovative learning spaces that can reinforce their academic & interpersonal skills, self-esteem and emotional intelligence.