Cultural, language and art workshops are developed with the children in different forms: 

  • We have a yearly Cultural Congress together with the volunteers, during which artistic works of the children are presented.

  • Since 2020, we collaborate with the Museo de Arte Virtual Infantil: The children who wish to participate make a drawing each month based on different themes, and in return receive artistic utilities. 

  • Since 2021, we collaborate with Guacamayos, run by an ex-volunteer from France: The children have pen-pals with whom they exchange videos relating to their life in their respective countries, teach each other a bit of their language, and develop friendships with other children from a completely different culture, fostering respect and learning of each others’ cultures and languages.


The objectives of the Interculturality project are:

  1. The revaluation and respect for different cultures through activities of recognition and discovery.

  2. Exchanges between children in the communities of Mollebaya and the village of Coporaque in the Colca Canyon, as well as children from France and volunteers from all around the world.