Our projects

Our vision is to provide tools for the children of today to achieve an autonomous community of tomorrow, where Intiwawa as an organization is no longer needed. We want to contribute to the integral development of the children and their parents and encourage them to improve their living standards and fulfil their dreams. Another goal of ours is to fight widely spread domestic violence and child labour.

To achieve these goals and fight the main symptoms of poverty Intiwawa carries out projects in several areas:


Children from poor families do not have access to quality education in Peru. By providing educational support, Intiwawa empowers the children to seek different opportunities and to follow their dreams.


Many families in San Isidro suffer from low hygiene standards and a lack of sanitary facilities. Intiwawa aims to improve the children’s health through our dentist project, a healthy diet and education in personal hygiene.

Arts & Culture

Our creative workshops aim to help the children identify their personality, their talents and their dreams. Through cultural projects, we want to strengthen the children’s own cultural identity and teach them about other cultures.


In order to make a real difference to the children’s lives, it is essential to work closely with the parents. Therefore, we teach and encourage the parents of San Isidro to perpetuate the values of Intiwawa in their own homes.