Our Story

Intiwawa was born as a project for the prevention of gender violence and concern for child labor, ideals that founder Leonel Revilla had very much in mind. Together with a collective of friends, they began working with children in the community of San Isidro, motivated by support for low-income communities in Arequipa, Peru.

The beginning

After graduating, Henning Lüke spent a year traveling in South America. In Arequipa, Henning met the two enthusiastic psychologists Leonel and Juan, who were also deeply concerned about the poverty and social problems they had observed. Their dream had always been to develop a project in the region to combat domestic violence and alcohol abuse. All three agreed that something had to change. 

It became clear that a single project could not be enough to really make a difference. After a short time they decided to create an independent organization: Intiwawa was born. After only three months of planning, the flourishing organization was presented to the public through the Intiwawa website and Leonel initiated the official registration with the Peruvian government as a civil association under the name "Asociación IntiWawa" in April 2007 (since 2018 "IWA en Acción"), with the help of French friends and the support of Juan, Henning and Susana Ramos.



Upon his return to Germany, Henning founded Intiwawa e.V. to raise funds for Peru. Within a short time, the team of 10 people from Peru was supplemented by other volunteers from Germany and all over the world. In the following years, Intiwawa grew steadily, raising its profile through word-of-mouth advertising and social media. The number of active team members grew rapidly to more than 70 volunteers from all over the world. Thanks to the support of a volunteer and the commitment of three sponsors from Germany, the "Casa Intiwawa" was built as a support center in San Isidro, where all the organization's projects are centralized.        

Today, Intiwawa has more than 200 members from 28 countries, with a professional committee in charge of its administration and a multidisciplinary team of around 60 volunteers from all over the world who influence the lives of around 80 children and their families. We are proud to have a  successful track record of more than 13 years of social support through education, a fundamental pillar for the development of society. Our projects and organization have evolved over the years to professionalize and develop our projects to always grow.


In its short history, Intiwawa's efforts supporting communities such as San Juan de Tarukani, Salinas, and currently Coporaque and Mollebaya  have gained international recognition. The Goldman Sachs Foundation and the Institute for International Education awarded Intiwawa the 2008 Global Leadership Award for Social Enterprise for its health promotion initiatives. With restructuring and professionalization in the following years, Intiwawa re-established itself as a non-profit Association with the goal of diversifying income with alternative income to invest in the quality of the organization's social service and administrative work.