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We run educational projects that support the academic, social and personal development of the children, with the objective of providing them with better opportunities. We work with 55 children and 50 families per year, from the vulnerable communities in the Mollebaya and neighbouring districts.


Children from vulnerable communities in Peru do not have access to quality education. Often, their education is disrupted by the need to support their family financially, and parents are unable to provide educational support to their children.


UNESCO has identified 4 key reasons why education is such a powerful tool for fighting poverty in a sustainable way:

1. Education promotes economic growth

Education not only empowers people with new life tools, it also encourages them to think about what they learn. ​


2. Education promotes gender equality

Girls and young women who have received quality education are more likely to know their rights, make more positive decisions and have higher self-confidence.


3. Education promotes health

Through education, people learn more about vaccinations, clean drinking water, personal hygiene and fitness, and are better able to protect themselves and their children against diseases.


4. Education promotes environmental sustainability

Education teaches people how to save water, recycle their waste, protect and cultivate plants in a sustainable way, and care for the environment.

Academic Support Project

Every afternoon, Mondays through Fridays, the children come to Casa Intiwawa in Mollebaya to do their homework with the support of our volunteers and teacher.

The children also receive daily learning sessions that build on and bridge gaps in the children’s learning at school, with classes in the areas of Mathematics, Communications and English.


We have recently incorporated Project-Based Learning, to promote teamwork, autonomy, empathy, and communication and leadership skills. We want to bring innovation to our education program by making sure our students' interests, skills, ideas and feelings are valued, to create learning spaces that can reinforce their academic and interpersonal skills, self-esteem and emotional intelligence. By focusing on the children’s soft skills, we help them develop the life skills that will empower them to improve the quality of life of their families and communities.

Parents’ School

The Parents' School project was born out of the need to work hand in hand with parents in order to support them with the various educational, social and health problems their families are confronted with. Parents attend monthly training sessions organized by our psychologist. These mandatory sessions are centered around healthy parenting styles and different approaches to supporting and caring for children, as well as positive discipline. Alongside this, the parents also have an opportunity to talk with the volunteers to teach their children about any academic or behavioral issues that may have arisen.

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