We aim to develop educational projects that support the academic, technical and professional development as well as the personal development of children with the objective of ending child labor in our target communities.

We intervene with a population of around 80-100 children and 45-55 families per year, all from vulnerable communities in Mollebaya and Coporaque. Since 2020 with the pandemic, our educational projects have continued to be developed remotely and have benefited a population of more than 60 students from primary through secondary school.



Unfortunately, children from vulnerable communities do not have access to quality education in Peru. Often, their education is disrupted by the need to support their family financially, leading to child labor. By providing educational support, Intiwawa empowers the children to seek more opportunities and to follow their dreams.


Education is a powerful tool against poverty. According to the UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report and the Education Commission’s Learning Generation Report, education significantly influences an individual’s earnings and economic growth: 

  1. Education reduces poverty

  2. Education increases individual earnings

  3. Education reduces economic inequalities

  4. Education promotes economic growth

Homework Support Project

As a central project of Intiwawa since its conception, we provide educational support to each one of our students. Every afternoon, the children come to Casa Intiwawa in San Isidro to do their homework with the support of international and local volunteers.


English Classes

The children also benefit from English classes given by our volunteers, with interactive and fun lessons to motivate and teach our students. 


The main objectives of the English project are:


  1. To promote English as an intercultural language with a global perspective.

  2. To teach and improve children's English skills according to their needs and abilities.