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Our vision

"Provide tools for the children of today to achieve an autonomous community tomorrow."

Our mission

We contribute to the integral development of the children and their parents, giving them the tools to fulfil their dreams through:

  • Education: Through our educational programs, Intiwawa works to bridge the gap in the children’s academic growth and support their personal development. We also work closely with the parents to provide them with the tools they need to manage the various educational, social and health issues facing their families.

  • Empowerment: Working closely with the parents by providing socio-emotional support, we work to support families in the challenges of everyday life.  At the same time, we work with a group of mothers from the local community in a training program which empowers the women, their families and communities.

  • Health: Intiwawa educates the children and their families about healthy lifestyles, based on correct dental hygiene, a healthy diet and positive personal habits. This is achieved through our own organizational drive and through local and international institutional alliances. 

  • Arts & Culture: Our creative workshops aim to strengthen the children’s self-esteem, guiding them as they get to know themselves and identify their talents and goals. 

Our values

Faith: Building on a spiritual position of Pachamama that places the earth and the universe at the center of our reality, Intiwawa works for the pursuit of harmonious living and growth.

Courage: Qualities and socio-cultural characteristics that define human beings  as unique and irreplaceable.

Enthusiasm: In Intiwawa's daily work, enthusiasm stimulates excellence, independence and the pursuit of goals, as we empower each individual to be the best that they can be.

Our principles

100% Rule: All donations go straight into the projects in Peru. Administrative costs are covered by sponsors. 

No costs: Volunteering with us is free!

Flexibility: We offer as much flexibility as possible to allow volunteers to bring in their own ideas to the organisation.

Creativity and responsibility: At Intiwawa, anyone can assume responsibilities and show initiative!

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