Our vision

"Provide tools for the children of today to achieve an autonomous community tomorrow."

Our mission

We aim to contribute to the integral development of vulnerable children and help them fulfil their dreams through:

  • Educational support: We develop educational projects that support the academic, professional as well as personal development of children with the objective of avoiding child labor. 

  • Health promotion: We encourage healthy and nutritious initiatives to promote children's health and parental responsibility as a foundation for child development.

  • Strengthening socio-cultural values: We develop alternative projects that protect and preserve cultural values for the appreciation, tolerance and respect of traditions of the communities we work in.

  • Empowering parents: We establish educational initiatives for parents with the objective of promoting healthy family relationships.  

Our values

Faith: Building on a spiritual position of Pachamama that places the earth and the universe at the center of our reality, Intiwawa works for the pursuit of harmonious living and growth.

Courage: Qualities and socio-cultural characteristics that define human beings  as unique and irreplaceable.

Enthusiasm: In Intiwawa's daily work, enthusiasm stimulates excellence, independence and the pursuit of goals, as we empower each individual to be the best that they can be.

Our principles

100% Rule: All donations go straight into the projects in Peru. Administrative costs are covered by sponsors. 

No costs: Volunteering with us is free!

Flexibility: We offer as much flexibility as possible to allow volunteers to bring in their own ideas to the organisation.

Creativity and responsibility: At Intiwawa, anyone can assume responsibilities and show initiative!