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100% Baby Alpaca Hats

100% Baby Alpaca Hats


Woven by our Madres Luchadoras, those hats are 100% made from baby alpaca, including alpaca wool. They are warm, soft and eco-friendly. For more information contact

  • Details

    • Handmade in Peru

    • Each purchase helps support at-risk mothers financially

    • Eco-friendly

  • Material

    They are made of 100% from baby alpaca wool.

  • Care instructions

    • Hand wash with gentle soap in cold water
    • Tip for a soft finishing : pour a bit of vinegar to the water. The smell will disappear when the garment is dry.
    • Dry your clothes under a flat surface
    • In case the garment is wrinkeld after drying, it can be steamed lightly with an iron. 
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