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About our Products

Madres Luchadoras

All products are made by our 'Madres Luchadoras' who live in Mollebaya, Arequipa and are receiving training in textile, finances, self-care and emotional support. The  women who participate in this project are reliant on informal work without a secure and fair income, or social benefits for their families. This  project aims to increase the mothers self-esteem by helping them learn a new professional skill and gain socio-economic autonomy.


Handmade Quality

The products from our Madres Luchadoras are 100% handmade with love, using a variety of methods and knitting techniques. Our mothers work mainly with recycled materials,  breathing new life into older fibers by unravelling old garments and transforming them into new products, such as hats, gloves, headbands, purses, and many more!

For our Intiwarmi collection, we decided to use high quality baby alpaca wool, one of the finest fibers in the world. Our team of women worked tirelessly to produce a well finished, standardised collection of hats, scarves and gloves, available in red, beige and navy blue. The Intiwarmi pieces are now available for sale!

Recycled Materials

Since the very beginning of this project, we have been lucky enough to collaborate with MICHELL & CIA SA, a pioneering local business which has been processing and exporting high-quality Alpaca and other natural fibers for over 90 years. Michell takes pride in promoting the global use of Alpaca fibers, taking care of the community and the environment.

We are extremely grateful to receive donations of  fibers from their productions, by recycling these into sustainable new products, we can transform these  materials into beautiful items that benefit not only our Madres Luchadoras and customers, but also our planet!

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