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Intiwawa's goal is to fight poverty in Peru.

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Intiwawa is a dynamic and young organization that fights  poverty in the slums of Arequipa,  the second largest city in Peru. Our main focus is in a small settlement on the outskirts called San Isidro. Founded in Peru and Germany in 2007, we now consist of a Peruvian team volunteering in San Isidro, and our main office in Berlin, Germany.  More.


Our battle against poverty begins with education, nutrition and health, and social projects. We believe you cannot end the cycle without working in the three main areas above and that we must work with the community to better the community. To find out more about our projects in Arequipa, visit this link. To volunteer follow this one.


In order to inform you about the daily work and process at Intiwawa we created a new blog! Visit us here to catch up on upcoming news and plans for the future.


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