Who we are

Our goal is the integral development of the children in our community through educational support, health promotion, parental empowerment, and strengthening socio-cultural values.


At Intiwawa we are not only a team, but a family. We always support each other because only together can we make a difference.


We work with respect for each other, the community and the environment.


The Intiwawa family is international. We welcome different beliefs, experiences, opinions and ideas and celebrate our different cultures.


Intiwawa consists of motivated volunteers who are passionate about our goal: to improve the children’s lives.

Our projects

Homework support

Every day, the children receive support with their homework from our Intiwawa teacher and a team of volunteers.

English classes

Every Friday, our international volunteers give English classes to the children in San Isidro and every Sunday we teach English in Coporaque.

Dental project

Intiwawa is working in partnership with the Catholic University of Santa Maria to provide dental checks and treatments for the children.


Intiwawa realises different cultural activities in San Isidro and in Coporaque. At the end of the year, all the children from both villages come together for a weekend for the “Children’s Congress”.

Club Intiwawa

After a long week of school and educational programmes, we offer the children fun activities on Saturdays through cultural and social workshops and educational games.

Parent's School

Once a month, we hold the Parent's School to discuss topics like child education, nutrition and personal hygiene.

Madres Luchadoras

Interested mothers meet in Intiwawa for weekly workshops to strengthen their self-esteem and open new economic perspectives.

Why Intiwawa?


Volunteer with us and choose your dates, area of work and duration of stay (minimum 3 months)!

Professional experience

Specialize in an area of your choice and boost your career with valuable professional experiences!

No cost!

Volunteering with Intiwawa is free! There is no need to pay us for your valuable work!

Creativity and responsibility

Do you have an idea for an initiative or an event? At Intiwawa you can assume responsibilities and show initiative!

International Team

At Intiwawa international and Peruvian volunteers work together hand in hand.

Life in Peru

Make unforgettable memories in Peru! Our volunteer coordinator will help you orientate yourself in Arequipa and our projects.

Voices of volunteers


Mary, Ireland:

I was so pleased to be able to donate my time to such a worthwhile cause, helping Intiwawa in their Accounting.

As a qualified accountant who has worked in the non-profit sector for many years I had always wanted to travel and integrate into a new culture not just to experience it as a tourist but to provide something positive to help the people of the area. I contact Accounting for International Development (AfID ) who were extremely helpful in with my decision of where to travel. As an AfID volunteer I was working with the Manager, Mildred Hauck, supporting her and the team by implementing and training in the use of an integrated accounting system and financial procedures.

With the support of AfID, I arrived in Arequipa on Saturday evening the 22nd September 2018, feeling exhausted from my long trip from Ireland wondering had I made the right choice! Thankfully right from the start I was made feel really welcome.
Meeting the international volunteers the next day, intihouse started to feel very much like home. They are very committed to Intiwawa, they stay minimum stay of three months and they all spoke Spanish, which was a fanatics help to me as I don’t speak Spanish and would have been totally lost without their support. It was a huge culture change for me to be living in a huge city surrounded by such poverty.

On the third day we travel out to San Isidro in the slums of Arequipa to visit the project. The trip on the public bus was definitely a new experience for me! The bus was jammed packed and similar to a work out to prevent myself from falling over! As I arrived at the school of Intiwawa the harsh reality of the poverty and the hardship endured by the children became very real. I notice an area near the school where the red bricks were produced and I got told that if the children were not in Intiwawa, they would be helping their mothers produce bricks with their bare hands! I was also remained of the fact that the toilet in Intiwawa was the only one in the area!

The children began to arrive. I hadn’t allowed for the lovely hugs and smiles I was going to get with each happy greeting, “Buenos Dais Miss”. The children were not long about finding their class room and settling in to do their homework. I visited each of the class rooms which were vibrant with students and children. Three of the boys were playing monopoly and asked me to be banker. The boys were very ambitus and were not long about buying up some houses and hotel, requested a “Casa Miss, hotel Miss “. Then the music started as a signal to tidy up for dinner and there was no time wasted in getting to the dining table.

The whole experience just encouraged me to ensure my work enhanced the wonderful work being done by Intiwawa.


Betsy, USA:

Working at Intiwawa was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and I will always have a family in Peru.

I was scared on the plane to Arequipa. I didn’t know much about where I was going or what I was going to do, but I had a blind faith in Intiwawa. I was right to follow my instinct. Working at Intiwawa was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I had the chance to work with a team of truly open-hearted, curious, optimistic, profound and intelligent people. I learned with them, created with them, and trusted them in their work, just as they trusted me. We worked well together because we each saw the joy that Intiwawa brought to its children, and vice versa. It’s hard to put an adjective to how I felt witnessing this joy without sounding trite. I can try to show you with three memories:

  1. Three girls and one brother walk me to the bus stop and wait with me on the side of the road for the bus to drive by. When it comes they kiss me and hug me and ask me to stay, and then chase after the bus for some steps. I watch them and wave and soon they break down laughing and run up the hill, already on to the next game.
  2. Two cousins walk to Intiwawa together. They are always the first to arrive. On the way, they stop to pick up trash and throw it into the ravine. Sometimes they find walking sticks and sometimes they fight. They share everything. When I see them on the way, they wait for me to catch up and we walk together hand in hand.
  3. After cleaning up we walk to the football court and play in the last light of day. Sunsets in the desert turn the sky bright pink and purple. The mountains in the distance glow orange.

I wish I could share more, but more so I wish you the same feelings of fulfillment and friendship and trust. I will always carry the children and the other volunteers with me, and I will always have family in Arequipa.

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