Arts & Culture


Our creative workshops aim to strengthen the children’s self-esteem and help them identify their talents, their personality and their dreams. In addition, we offer the children time for recreation and fun, as this is fundamental for a healthy childhood. With our cultural projects, we want to strengthen the children’s cultural identity and teach them about other cultures.



We have developed different intercultural projects which all aim to generate cultural exchanges with the children of the different communities we work in, working together towards coexistence between cultures, respecting the rights and diversity of each community as well as the revaluation of cultural traditions. 

Cultural, language and art workshops are developed with the children through 3 projects: a yearly Cultural Congress, the Virtual Children’s Museum, and a partnership with a language and cultural exchange program with Guacamayos.

Club Intiwawa

Club Intiwawa was born with the aim of developing the artistic skills and creativity of children by providing the freedom of artistic development. Every Saturday morning, volunteers offer recreational and creative workshops such as theater, dance, cooking or computer classes. 


The central objectives of the Club Intiwawa project are:

  • To develop the children’s artistic skills in order for them to discover and learn new forms of creative expression.

  • To reinforce interpersonal skills and the discovery of each child's talents and personal interests.