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Arts & Culture


Our creative workshops aim to strengthen the children’s self-esteem and soft skills, guiding them as they get to know themselves and identify their talents and goals. Alongside this, with our cultural projects, we want to strengthen the children’s cultural identity and their awareness of the multicultural world.

Interculturality Project

Our Interculturality Project in Coporaque seeks to raise awareness about environmental preservation and restoring value of traditional local knowledge in a sustainable way.

This project is developed in collaboration with different local actors in Coporaque: COUDES (Jóvenes Corporaqueños Unidos por el Desarrollo), the Casa Cultural, (the community's cultural centre) and the Centro la Raíz. The young people of Coporaque collaborate as volunteers in the workshops, a great support to our work.

This educational program places the children and young people of Coporaque at its centre, as the individuals who actively participate in its implementation and development.

Club Intiwawa

Club Intiwawa carries out extra-curricular activities aimed at developing the artistic skills and creativity of children, creating a space for recreation and fun, time that is fundamental for a healthy childhood. Every Saturday morning, a variety of workshops, such as theatre, dance, art, cooking and sports, are offered to the children, with the objective of: 

  • Reinforcing interpersonal skills and the discovery of their talents and personal interests. 

  • Raising the children’s self-esteem, guiding them as they get to know themselves.

  • Developing their creative skills in order to express themselves in new ways.

  • Collaborating with organizations such as Museo de Arte Virtual and the Guacamayos pen-pal exchange.

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