The blessing and curse of Coporaque

Coporaque is a small village in the Colca valley around 4 hours from Arequipa. Due to the beautiful landscapes and the famous Colca Canyon, the surrounding area is a popular tourist destination. However, not many tourists even know Coporaque exists as it is located slightly off tourist tracks. Therefore, most people in the tiny village still earn their living with working seven days a week in agriculture – the main economic activity in the area, physically demanding with little income. Many young people migrate to Arequipa hoping for a better life which not all of them might reach finding themselves living in poverty again, just without their families and beautiful landscapes.

The children of Coporaque

Most children start helping their parents with working in agriculture early in their lives. Although they love living in Coporaque surrounded by nature and animals, they grow up in poor circumstances with few options for their futures: go to Arequipa or stay in Coporaque and work in agriculture for the rest of their lives.