San Isidro – the forgotten community

San Isidro is a fairly young community on the outskirts of the city of Arequipa. Most of its inhabitants migrated around 20 years ago from the countryside, hoping for economic growth. As Arequipa is growing incredibly fast and San Isidro is only one of hundreds of new communities, the municipality of Arequipa is unable to provide proper services for them. For many years, San Isidro did not even have access to basic services like water and electricity.

Life in San Isidro

Most of the people in San Isidro work 10-15 hours a day in the production of bricks. For this hard physical work, they receive a minimum income without insurance or securities. Therefore, most families live in conditions of poverty: low hygiene standards and a lack of sanitary facilities cause water pollution and health problems.

The children of San Isidro

Child labour and domestic violence are sadly common in San Isidro. Many children help their parents with working in brick production after school instead of doing their homework or playing. Furthermore, many parents are unable to support the children with their school work, due to a high level of illiteracy or long working hours.