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Ethical Sponsorships

Intiwawa has chosen a project sponsorship program over one-to-one child sponsorship to ensure that every one of our beneficiaries are treated equally and have the same opportunities. Read more about the ethical issues created by individual sponsorship programs in The New International.

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Benefits of Project Sponsorship
  1. Your donation benefits more children. Instead of supporting only one child, your monthly donation will help all the children in the same class or project! 

  2. In case of a withdrawal from one of our sponsors, the project sponsorship approach ensures that no child is impacted negatively.

  3. You can choose the amount you would like to pay!  *We recommend 20$ to cover all the fees of the projects but every donation, no matter what the size, is a huge support!

Negative Consequences of one-to-one Sponsorship

Although the intention of any donor is to help, they are often unaware of the negative impact individual sponsorship can have on the sponsored children:  

  1. Children should not be used as marketing and advertising tools. In one-to-one sponsorship, children are advertised through pictures and profiles and sponsors can often choose to filter children by age, gender, country, ect.    

  2. Letter writing (exchanges between the sponsor and the child) can create issues of child protection, jealousy and feelings of unworthiness for children who do not receive letters from their sponsors.

  3. The sponsor, consciously or not, can influence the child on his or her career or spiritual choices. In most cases, the sponsor isn’t aware of the cultural environment of the child.

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