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Sponsor a Project

We invite you to become one of our Intiwawa sponsors!  

We value child protection and the well-being of all our participating families and beneficiaries above all, and as such, we have opted for sponsorship of our different projects instead of  individual children. To find out more about why we made this choice, please read about Ethical Sponsorships. 

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Cobra Class

2nd and 3rd grade

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-03 at 16.05_edite
Puma Class

4th and 5th grade

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-12 at 4.48_edited
Alpaca Class

6th to 8th grade

Age 14-16_edited.png
Panda Class

9th to 11th grade

Intercultural Projects

in Coporaque

How to become a sponsor?
  1. Choose which project you would like to sponsor: Education or Intercultural Projects

  2. Choose the amount of your monthly donation.  

  3. After having finalized, you will receive a confirmation email from our Sponsorship Coordinator.

  4. You then will receive a trimestrial newsletter about your sponsored project which will include stories, photos and specific news about the project.

Do you have more questions about sponsoring a project?
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