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Projects to Sponsor

You can choose which project you would like to sponsor: Education or Intercultural Projects. 

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Sponsor a classroom 

We currently work with an average of 50 children per year in our Casa Intiwawa, who receive daily after-school support Monday-Friday. The aim of our educational support project is to strengthen the children’s academic skills as well as their soft skills, leading to increasing their autonomy, teamwork, perseverance and responsibility.

With your donation, you will sponsor one of our 4 classrooms, each of which is divided into different grades of approximately 10 students. You will contribute directly towards our volunteer teacher training, educational materials for the classroom, monthly outings with the children, and a daily meal for the children.

To ensure that all the children have the same opportunities, your donation will help the entire Educational Project. So even if you will be sponsoring one specific classroom from which you’ll get news and photos, all the children will benefit from your generosity.

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Cobra Class

2nd and 3rd grade

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Puma Class

4th and 5th grade

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Alpaca Class

6th to 8th grade

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Panda Class

9th to 11th grade

Sponsor our Intercultural projects in Coporaque

We work with a group of around 20 children in Coporaque, aged 7-12, to promote environmental preservation and the revaluation of traditional Andean culture. 


With your sponsorship, you will support us in providing educational materials for the workshops, social outings for the children, and training a group of local youth to take the lead on this project.  

Intercultural Project
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