Due to the Covid19 Pandemic this project is currently on hold. We will keep you updated about the restart on our social media platforms!

Our chocolates are part of our first formal collaboration in Arequipa. Chaqchao Organic Chocolates, a local artisanal chocolate producer based in the historic city centre, is a certified fair-trade company and a key part of Arequipa's burgeoning tourist industry.

Chaqchao uses organic Peruvian cacao beans to make deliciously rich dark chocolate, without additives or processed ingredients in the tradition of its founder, Javier Chavez, and his native Arequipan roots.

The small textile trinket-bags that accompany each chocolate bar were made by our 'Madres Luchadoras' as part of the first trial in selling alpaca wool products. For each bar that you buy, s/5 goes back to each individual mother to support her and her family, and s/4 goes back to Intiwawa to fund the continuation of the project.

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