In order to make a real difference to the childrens' lives, it is essential to work closely with the parents. Therefore, we encourage the parents of San Isidro to perpetuate the values of Intiwawa in their own homes.


Madres Luchadoras Project

The Madres Luchadoras project is a holistic training program developed to address the issues of domestic violence, low self-esteem, separations and difficulties in accessing decent work conditions and opportunities for mothers in our communities.

Workshops are offered to participating mothers, providing a space for social encounters and tools for the mothers to become active agents of their own socio-economic development as well as leaders within their communities. 

Parent School

The Parents' School project was born with the need to work hand in hand with parents in order to prevent various educational, social and health problems of the children. Parents attend parent meetings once a month for training sessions organized by psychologists who work with the children during the week. A group of psychology interns evaluate the children and share their observations with the psychologists to provide personal support.  In addition, parents are offered appointments with the volunteers to consult on the observations and possible intervention mechanisms, based on the evaluation of the children's soft skills development. 


The central objectives of the School for Parents project are:

  1. To provide training sessions to parents with professionals who collaborate in the strengthening of socio-emotional development in the family nucleus.

  2. To help parents meet the specific needs of each child, following up on behavioral or academic progress.

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