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Working closely with the parents and providing socio-emotional support, we work to support families in the challenges of everyday life, and empower mothers in the community with more opportunities through our Madres Luchadoras project.

Socio-emotional Support

We understand that parents have a central role in our students' growth and development. Therefore, by providing guidance to our parents, we are brought closer to the everyday reality of each home. By connecting with the parents on a weekly basis, we are able to identify difficult family situations and support the parents in order to prevent major difficulties within the households.

Parents can choose to receive to optional bi-weekly calls from our trained psychology interns, who provide guidance on topics such as:

  • Positive discipline

  • The integral role of physical, emotional and social well-being in their children's development

  • Identifying feelings and dealing with emotions

  • Healthy lifestyles and habits

  • Respect

  • Self-esteem

Madres Luchadoras Project

Madres Luchadoras is our textile training program aimed at empowering vulnerable women through the strengthening of socio-emotional skills and technical capacities, enabling them to achieve autonomy for themselves, their families and the community.

This is achieved through textile training, an internal mentoring program, financial classes, self-care workshops, social-emotional support and group-cohesion activities. The principal goals of this sustainable project are economic autonomy for the women and the development of leadership skills, leading to an improved quality of life.

The Madres Luchadoras Shop

The products made by our Madres Luchadoras are sold at local markets in Arequipa and internationally, and via our website shop. The women receive 80% of the net income, and 20% is reinvested in the project for its sustainability.

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