​Many families in Mollebaya and Coporaque suffer from low hygiene standards and a lack of sanitary facilities that lead to water pollution and health problems. Intiwawa aims to improve the children’s health through our dentist project, a healthy diet and education in personal hygiene.



Dental Hygiene

Our Dental Project was initiated out of concern for dental problems and tooth decay that result from poor access to water and deficiencies in personal hygiene. Poor sanitation and excessive mineralization of water cause serious dental problems in children.  


The main objectives of the dental project are:

  • Screening and prevention of oral and dental diseases in children

  • Educational workshops & dental kits for the children


Nutritional support and information is given to both children and parents, who receive lunches each day they come to Casa Intiwawa. We employ a local cook who prepares a meal for each one of our students during the weekdays, while on the weekends, during Club Intiwawa, volunteers prepare meals directly with the children during cooking workshops. 


The objectives of our nutrition projects are: 

  • To offer healthy and fresh meals to the children in order to combat anemia

  • To educate parents & children in healthy nutrition choices


Socio-emotional Support

Socio-emotional support is an integral part of several of Intiwawa’s projects in which our psychologist & interns in psychology collaborate in direct interventions with Intiwawa’s children and parents.

The objectives of the socio-emotional support project are:

1. To detect psychological problems and psychosocial needs in children and parents.

2. To provide direct support and psychosocial training to children and parents.


Since 2020, we have implemented our socio-emotional support program remotely, which has allowed us to provide strategies to parents - not only to cope with the current situation caused by the pandemic - but also to provide input to help improve coexistence at home and support the parents in providing emotional and academic support for their children throughout the pandemic.