Madres Luchadoras Project

The main objectives of the Madres Luchadoras project are:

  1. To encourage economic autonomy and improve working conditions as well as leadership skills for women in the community.  

  2. The socioeconomic empowerment of mothers in the community, reducing gender gaps through dignified and remunerated work that allows them to contribute to their family’s finances.   

  3. To promote sustainable initiatives based on technical textile training for mothers at risk. 

  4. To create a space for personal development and collective dynamics based on cooperation and mutual help amongst women in the community.

Training Program

Our Madres Luchadoras receive training through a multidisciplinary program (textile, finance, emotional support and self-defense training). The textile training program (technical, soft skills, theory and practice) encompasses workshops by a professional trainer, so that the mothers can learn the art of hand and machine knitting and  how to market their products.


Social-emotional support (self-esteem, self-care, self-defense workshops) and personal finance classes complete this program, giving mothers the tools to start their own businesses in the future. 

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The products made by our Madres Luchadoras are sold at local markets in Arequipa and online. 80% of the net income go to our Madres Luchadoras and 20% are reinvested into the Madres Luchadoras project for self sustainability.